Friday, 28 February
10.30 Workshop “Abuse against the teacher in the classroom. Who suffers and why?”
12.30 Workshop “Meetings and public events. How do you organise and disorganise them?”
14.30 Workshop “Emotional abuse in the workplace”

Saturday, 29 February
10.30 Workshop “How do you motivate unmotivated children?”
12.30 Workshop “I won’t be friends with you! How do you help a child shunned by the group?”
14.30 Workshop “Brothers and sisters. Love and hate. Ideas for friendly survival”

Sunday, 1 March
10.30 Workshop “A monster under the bed and other creatures! How do you help a baby to cope with anxiety and fear?”
12.30 Workshop “A screaming, biting and kicking baby. How do you survive?”
14.30 Workshop “How do you understand behavioural problems in preschool? Sensory behaviour”