“Latvian Book Fair 2020” invites you to meet excellent personalities!

Romans Lācis, Nora Ikstena, Anatolijs Danilāns, Dzintars Tilaks, Dace Judina, Arno Jundze, Diāna Zande, Uģis Kuģis, Inga Gorbunova, Guntis Eniņš and other publicly known people will be present at “Latvian Book Fair 2020” in Ķīpsala from 28 February to 1 March. There will be sincere conversations, the joy of reunion and of course – excellent books!

On 28 February at 14:00, a meeting with the authors of the book Dakteri un šamaņi (Doctors and shamans) – professor Anatolijs Danilāns and traveller Pēteris Strubergs will be held on the Grand Stage. Just as in the book, during the meeting both gentlemen will engage in a discussion about traditional and non-traditional medicine, scientific treatment methods and folk healing.

In the middle of Friday at 12:00 – at the Writer’s Lounge, a panel discussion Grāmata vs televizors. Informācijas kaujas (Book vs TV. Information battles) of unions Latvijas PEN and Ukrainas PEN will be held, where poetess Inga Gaile, publicist Ilmārs Šlāpins, poet Aivars Eipurs and Ukrainian poet Andrejs Ļubka, who was born in Riga, will take part and try to answer the question – is the future for those, who read?

Whereas both married and unmarried are invited to the exhibition of Zvaigzne ABC at 14:00, where psychotherapists Diāna Zande and Juris Sērmukšs will introduce their newest publication Parunāsim par seksu un seksualitāti (Let’s talk about sex and sexuality). Right after, there will be a discussion and revelations about books by two men Dzintars Tilaks and Arno Jundze. There will be competitions and prizes as well!

Also, on the first day of the exhibition, at 14:00 at the Writer’s Lounge an event Ekstra-vērtie kurzemnieki (Extra-worthy Courlanders) will be held, where unique literary processes in Kurzeme will be introduced by Jana Egle, Guna Roze, Rolanda Bula, Gunta Šnipke, Ligita Paegle, Inta Svaža, Gunita Lagzdiņa, Nella no Krotes and others.

At 15:00 on the Grand Stage, all who are interested will have the opportunity to meet with the Latvian Honorary Consul in Hamburg senatorin h.c. Dr Sabine Sommerkamp-Homann, who will share her insight and contemplations about the Eastern pride Fuji Mountain, which the author described in tankas and captured in photographs.

On 28 February at 16:00, Latvijas Mediji publishing house invites everyone to the Writer’s Lounge, where a conversation with writer and recipient of the Annual Latvian Literature Award Jana Egle will be held about her latest story collection Dzimšanas diena (Birthday).

On 29 February, at 11:00, all who are interested will have the chance to participate in a conversation between the book’s Sirds cilvēks (Heart person) author Lia Guļevska and main character of the book cardio surgeon Romans Lācis, which will be held on the Grand Stage. And at 14:00, there will be a meeting with writer Nora Ikstena, who will talk about her latest book Runādamies (Talking). Autograph hour will continue at the stand of Latvijas Mediji.

On Saturday, from 11:00 to 13:00, beloved writer Juris Zvirgzdiņš (he also Tobiass!) will visit and meet the children at the exhibition of Pētergailis. The writer will provide autographs and introduce his latest book Rasas vasara (Dew’s summer). At 12:00 Jānis Roze publishing house invites all to visit the Writer’s Lounge, where everyone will have the opportunity to meet the winner of EU Prize for Literature - Finnish writer Katri Lipson.

On 29 February, at 12:15, the Fun Reading Room will hold a musical presentation of the publishing house Mūzika Baltika’s latest note edition Lai skan muzikālā mozaīka! (Let the musical mosaic play), with the participation of students of Mārupe Music and Art School and their teacher Adrians Kukuvass, youth choir “Mīts”, children’s vocal ensemble “Šurumburums” and song author Mareta Beitika; the piano solo will be played by Gustavs Grinbergs.

Jānis Roze publishing house recently published the debut book of the new author Dāvids Vikmanis Roņpils. Purva stāsts and the book of popular Estonian writer Reeli Reinaus Marks, maģija un vilkate Vilma (Mark, magic and werewolf Vilma), where modern children face mystical, mysterious forces and experience strange events. Find out how such stories originate and what the meaning of the illustrations in these stories is, in the conversation between Renāte Punka and Reeli Reinaus, Dāvids Vikmanis, translator Maima Grīnberga, which will take place at the Writer’ s Lounge on 29 February at 15:00.

The story of the legendary explorer and discoverer Guntis Eniņš will be presented on 29 February at 16:00. Also, the nature explorer book Latvijas dabas brīnumi (Wonders of Latvian nature) will be presented on the Grand Stage. Right after this, everyone who is interested is invited to an interactive discussion about what it means to be a man, woman and their mutual relationship. Meeting with the bearer of ideas of Vedic philosophy Uģis Kuģis and his first book Pāris (the Couple).

If you visit the Writer’s Lounge on Saturday at 17:00, you will meet the author of the book Totālais skurbums. Narkotikas Trešajā Reihā (Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany) German writer Norman Ohler.

On the third day of the “Latvian Book Fair 2020” – on 1 March at 11:00, definitely stop by the exhibition of Zvaigzne ABC, where the well-known journalists, authors of the novel Savu komētu nedzird (You cannot hear your comet) Inga Gorbunova and Dana Sinkeviča will be visiting to discuss women’s novels: whom are they for, why and what are they about?

On Sunday at 12:00 midday, Dienas Grāmata publishing house invites all to a meeting at the Writer’s Lounge with the author of Dzejoļu izlase. Selected poems Juris Kronbergs and translator Māra Rozīte, and publishing house Liels un mazs invites everyone to a conversation with Lithuanian writers, authors of the book Sibīrijas haika (Siberian haiku) – Jurga Vilė and Lina Itagaki, on the Grand Stage at 13:00.

Also on 1 March at 15:00 on the Grand Stage the opening of the novel MĒMAIS (MUTE) written by Dace Judina and Arturs Nīmanis will take place, as well as there will be a discussion on collective silence and individual responsibility. Literary scholar Evija Veide, forensic clinical psychologist Ilze Veitnere, sociologist Aivis Biķernieks, psychodrama specialist Gundega Kozlova, historian Arvo Karelsons, book blogger Meldra Gailāne, literate, teacher Ruta Skrebele and movie director Brigita Eglīte will also participate in the conversation.

These are just few of the wide range of “Latvian Book Fair 2020” cultural programme events! Detailed programme of the exhibition is available at: www.bt1.lv/lbf/visit.php#events. Throughout the exhibition, there will be five event spots at the same time: the Grand Stage, the Fun Reading Room, Uzvediba.lv workshops, the Book Exchange Point and the Writers’ Lounge organised by JELGAVAS TIPOGRĀFIJA.

The Latvian Book Fair is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1 in cooperation with the Latvian Publishers’ Association. More information at: www.bt1.lv/lbf
You can also follow the latest developments on Facebook: www.facebook.com/gramatuizstade

The parallel education fair “Skola 2020” in Ķīpsala will offer comprehensive information on studying opportunities both in Latvia and abroad. More information at: www.bt1.lv/skola

Working hours:
28–29 February 10:00–18:00
1 March 10:00–17:00

Ticket price: EUR 3
For pensioners, students, pupils, disabled – EUR 1
Children up to the age of 7: free entrance!
A ticket to the “Skola 2020” fair grants you free entrance to “Latvian Book Fair 2020”!