ALLATRA will present the long-awaited Latvian edition of Anastasia Novykh's book "Sensei of Shambala"

Visitors of the Latvian Book Fair 2020 will have an opportunity to see all the books of the unique Ukrainian writer Anastasia Novykh on the ALLATRA stand.

These books miraculously change people’s lives and open the horizons of the invisible world to them, the sense of existence which human has so deeply embedded in himself therefore in the rush of the secular world, he rarely feels its reflection far away.

We are looking forward to pleasing all the visitors to the exhibition and book readers with the long-awaited Latvian edition of Anastasia Novykh’s book "Sensei of Shambala". And the participants of the ALLATRA movement will be honored to present this book at the Latvian Book Fair 2020.

Visitors of the exhibition will have an opportunity to find out about the creative projects of the ALLATRA movement and to try to understand this global phenomenon of goodness, whom people throughout the world are inexplicably inspired by the books of Anastasia Novykh. In honor of this, we have prepared a presentation to introduce you to the work of Anastasia Novykh and the invaluable contribution she makes to get to know her personality and understanding life in such a significant time of humanity.