Book opening marathon in Ķīpsala!

The most significant event of the year – Latvian Book Fair 2020 – offering opening events of more than 50 new books, will be held at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre from 28 February to 1 March. Attend the book opening events, enjoy readings and get autographs!

On 28 February at 12.00 till 13.00 at the Latvijas Mediji stand will be held a presentation of the book “Puika, kurš redzēja tumsā” (The Boy Who Saw in the Dark) by Rasa Bugavičute-Pēce and an autograph session. The book is about a boy Jēkabs, who was born in an unusual family. He wants to be like everyone – to ride the Schkolnik bike, to play the original Game Boy and to send love messages. This book is the author’s take on socially sensitive literature!

Launch of the novel “Sestā sieva” (The Sixth Wife) by Inga Grencberga, a spouse of a Latvian theatre director Dž. Dž. Džilindžers, will take place at the stand of Zvaigzne ABC publishing house at 13.00. Those interested will have an opportunity to talk to the author, buy a book and get an autograph.

Artists see the world differently. What Riga do they see? Find answers to this question in the book “Rīga no mākslinieka lidojuma” (Riga From an Artist’s Eye View) to be presented on the Grand Stage at 12.00. Stories of the artists from different generations about their city are illustrated by an abundance of photographs and artworks. Presentation of the poetry book “Ar vieglu skrāpējumu ādā" (With a Light Scratch on the Skin), poems selected by Dita Lūriņa, will also be held there!

Opening of Anna Kuzina’s “Rūdolfa Blaumaņa valodas vārdnīca” (Vocabulary of Rūdolfs Blaumanis), conversation with the author will be held in the Writer’s Lounge at 15.00. The author will be interviewed by Zinta Saulīte, a director of the Memorial House “Braki”. The conversation will be about Blaumanis, mysterious shoeboxes and the book. Moreover, musician Intars Zommers will perform a song cycle with Blaumanis’ lyrics.

On the first event day, visitors are invited to meet the Ukrainian authors – a Riga-born poet Andriy Lyubka, writers Roman Zinenko and Olexandr Krasovitsky, the latter is also the owner of Folio Publishin House – who will present their latest works on the Grand Stage at 16.00.

At the stand of Zvaigzne ABC Publishing House from 16.00–17.00, the authors, journalists and publicists Maija Pohodņeva and Modris Pelsis will present the new book “Aliansē pret vēzi” (Alliance Against Cancer) at the event “Documentary anatomy of survival”.

On the first event day at 17.00, Slepenie aģenti invites all stakeholders to Writer’s Lounge to the launch of two new books – “Krusta karu atklājumi” (Discoveries of the Crusades) and “Latviešu pašcieņa un Latvijas egregors” (Latvian Dignity and the Egregore of Latvia) – and to meet the authors Arvīds Deģis and Agris Dzenis.

Every introverted Latvian is welcome to the launch of “Socializēšanās rokasgrāmata latvietim” (Guidebook of Socializing for Latvians) by Elīna Barreta to be held at the stand of Zvaigzne ABC publishing house from 11.00–12.00 on 29 February.

Musicologist and journalist Daiga Mazvērsīte will introduce the new book “Melnbaltās dziesmas. Latviešu estrādes mūzikas vēsture” (Black and White Songs) on the Grand Stage at 12.00 on Saturday, 29 February. Presentation will be followed by the opening of the book “Latviešu dziedināšanas tradīcija”
(Latvian Healing Traditions) by Ieva Ančevska.

On the second day of “Latvian Book Fair 2020”, the opening of the book “Vilcēni” (Wolf Cubs) by Andra Manfelde, and a meeting with the author will be held at Writer’s Lounge at 13.00. At 14.00 all stakeholders are welcome to enjoy the event “An Estonian in Latvian shoes, and bugs in the airport” – an opening and reading of a poetry collection by Finnish poetess Heli Laaksonen and Estonian poet Contra a.k.a. Margus Konnula, and introduction to the literary work of Kairi Look with the participation of Latvian poet and translator Guntars Godiņš.

The youngest readers are welcome to the launch of the 13th story of the little dragon Kokosnuss by German author Ingo Siegner at 15.15 on 29 February. Together with the children, Kokosnuss will remember the stories they already know and involve them in various fun activities.

“This book, in fact, is about meeting not death!” – tells the Baltic Assembly Prize winner Aivars Kļavis about his book “Bēres ar priekšapmaksu” (Pre-Paid Funeral). Opening of the story collection will take place on the Grand Stage at 15.00 on Saturday, 29 February. Opening of the story collection “Aukstākā ziema simt piecdesmit gados” (The Coldest Winter in 150 Years) by Baiba Zīle will be held at Writer’s Lounge at 16.00.

A joyful meeting in person with writer Inguna Bauere to discuss mysteries of the past in today’s contexts is to take place at the stand of Zvaigzne ABC publishing house from 14.00–15.00 on 29 February. There will be reading of excerpts, questions and answers about everything worth knowing!

Kairi Looka, Estonian writer residing in Paris and Amsterdam, Guntars Godiņš and Inese Paklone invite to the event “The Airport Bugs Fight On” at the Fun Reading Room at 16.15 on 29 February, to discuss bugs, cockroaches and fleas in the airport VIP area!

On 1 March at 11.00, the presentation of “Sensei of Shambala”, the first book by the world-famous Ukrainian writer Anastasia Novykh to be published in Latvian, will be held followed by the opening of the book “Zaļais gredzens. Neticami stāsti gandrīz pieaugušajiem” (The Green Ring. Unbelievable Stories for Almost Grown-Ups) by Valdis Rūmnieks on the Grand Stage at 12.00.

Presentation of Dr. hab. philol. Beatrises Reidzāne’s latest research “Vilka tēls “Latvju dainās” (Nature Character Wolf in Latvian Dainas) will take place at Writer’s Lounge at 13.00 on 1 March. Visitors are welcome to attend the presentation of a Miks Zandis’ book “Livonijas slazdā” (Trapped in Livonia) at 14.00. The editor of Kontinents publishing house Liene Akmens and associated professor Dr. hist. Andris Šnē will introduce the novel and give their views on its content and significance in modern literature.

Launch of the book “Bāreņu atgriešanās. 1941. gadā aizvesto bērnu pārvešana no Sibīrijas uz dzimteni (1946–1947). Dokumenti un atmiņas” (The Return of the Orphans. Bringing the Children Taken to Siberia in 1941 Back to Their Homeland (1946–1947). Documents and Memories) by Jānis Riekstiņš will be held on Sunday at 14.00. Opening of the book “Olimpiskās dienasgrāmatas. Vasara. Ziema” (The Olympic Diaries. Summer. Winter) by Arturs Vaiders, on turn, will take place at Writer’s Lounge at 15.00.

These are just few of the wide range of “Latvian Book Fair 2020” cultural programme events! You have three days to attend at least 100 events and to meet more than 130 authors. Throughout the exhibition, there will be five event spots at the same time: the Grand Stage, the Fun Reading Room, workshops, the Book Exchange Point and the Writers’ Lounge organised by JELGAVAS TIPOGRĀFIJA. Detailed programme of the exhibition is available at:

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The Latvian Book Fair is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1 in cooperation with the Latvian Publishers’ Association.

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